Roll-Up Mosquitonet Systems

Roll-up Mosquito net

Roll-up Mosquito net system is an innovative product that rolls up and gets rolled up into an aluminum section when opened. It can be easily pulled down and locked at the bottom when mosquito protection is required. Braking technology  is used in this system which helps the mesh roll up in a slow pace when retracted and doesn't speedily open with a thud at the top. It also employs a self cleaning mechanism that cleans the mesh and the rollers every time operated. The cleaning mechanism prevent dust from accumulation and provide ease of operation.

Roll-Up Mosquito net System

Roll-Up mosquito net System provide very elegant screening solutions for home windows. It blends seamlessly with the window, providing protection from insects and matching the interiors at the same time. The screen roll up in profile used, when not needed to give clear natural view. They can be mounted inside the window frame or on the face of the window frame.

  • Moves Vertically (top to bottom)
  • Retracts out of sight when not in use
  • Magnet Locking for durable and carefree operation
  • Ideal for small openings and vents
  • Slow-Drive mechanism for safe retraction
  • Gives full view of the outside
  • Mesh Retention System
  • In-built self cleaning brush
  • Available in DIY kits

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