Zip Line Mosquito-net Systems

Zip Line Mosquito-net System

Zip Line Mosquito net system is an innovative solution to keep away all kind of intrusions. It prevents your house from foreign disturbances like harsh sunlight, excess heat, rain, dust and most important function to stop insects. Depending on your need and choice you can change the roles of the screen.

The Zip line system can Span up to 4.5 meters in a single screen and up to 9 meters in a double screen. To sustain High wind power it has unique mesh-to-track retention system which prevents sagging and stops mesh blowouts.

Zip Line Mosquito net System

Zip Line mosquito net System provide very elegant screening solutions for home windows as well as outdoor areas like garden seating area, Tennis Court, stadiums, Extended Terrace areas.

  • Available in a variety of finishes including powder-coated and anodised aluminum, colored end-caps and brake levers.
  • Can be retrofitted to all makes of doors.
  • Easily serviceable.
  • Motorised options available.
  • The system has High wind resistance.
  • Protection from Bug and insects.
  • Increased air flow.
  • Shade from UV rays.
  • It has Hand brake system
  • Secured zipper track.

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