World over, aluminium windows and doors are preferred the most. Both aesthetics as well as long hassle-free product life are the main reasons for customers choosing aluminium over newer materials like uPVC.

Feature Aluminium Windows uPVC Windows

Choice of colours and aesthetics
Can be made available in unlimited colours and finishes. Smooth surface finish also ensures longevity of colours. Predominantly available in white, as colour tends to fade after prolonged exposure to sunlight.
Few other colours and finishes available, but not preferred.

Needs very low maintenance.
Very easy to maintain, can be done at home itself.
Needs skilled labour. In some cases, the window may be needed to be removed and taken to the factory as well.

Durability under Extreme Weather
No effect of UV radiation. Enables longer product life. Selectively absorbs UV radiations.
This leads to colour degradation, loss of gloss, brittleness and visible chalking.

Monsoon Resistance
In-built gutter section for drainage of water, making it watertight. Special rain tracks needs to be accommodated for drainage of water. Leads to higher cost.

Resistance to Wind
Designed to withstand extreme wind pressure.
Ideal for high-rise buildings and large windows (French windows)
Reinforced with steel due to lower strength of uPVC.
The metal is prone to rusting over period.

Effect of expansion/contraction
Expansion gap is not required. No effect on Door and window. Can weaken the welded joints if expansion gap is not provided, thereby difficulty in operation.

Environment-friendly material
Endlessly recyclable Material quality tends to degrade with time and reuse. Harmful chemical emitted during manufacturing process.
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