Mosquito Net

Using mosquito net doors and net windows is a widely acceptable technique to keep the disease causing mosquitoes away. Most of the people in the world are affected by these types of mosquitoes and other annoying insects.

Mosquito net and screens are great to protect us against mosquito biting yet it also save us from various bugs and dreadful little animals. What’s incredible about using a net is that you will be safe from inhaling dangerous chemicals used in the coils and sprays used as part of anti agent. Mosquito nets are not used to kill mosquitoes, it just stop the mosquitoes from entering our home or office premises.

Pleated Mosquito Net System

Pleated screen provides a perfect screen solution for double doors, sliding door systems, and other large openings with frequent operation. Designed to suit the Indian conditions, this pleated retractable screen combines beauty and function to offer a flexible, reliable, and innovative solution to screen oversized or large door openings.

Our pleated screen is the perfect solution for large openings combined with heavy wind loads. Its robust engineering combined with an aesthetic design makes it the only cost-effective solution for such applications. Following are list of important aspects for selecting Pleated mosquito screens.

  • Can be used for wide openings.
  • Magnet locking for superior grip and easy operation.
  • Ergonomically designed.
  • Ideal for balcony doors.
  • Tension chord mechanism for a smooth and easy operation.
  • Special provisions to provide extra resistance to wind loads.
  • Manual push and pull system.
  • Provision for handles on front and rear of the system.
  • Can be combined with Blinds.
Single Door Pleated Mosquito net System

Single Door Mosquito net System works horizontally with screen movement from One side, This system is ideal for screening small to medium openings up to 8 feet wide. The unique Wire Tension system keeps the mesh tight and allows entry & exit with minimum effort. This screen allows you to enjoy the breeze and views of the great outdoors restricting insects entering your living area. These also help keeping house climate cool by providing natural ventilation and brightens up space by allowing sun light.

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Double Door Mosquito Net System

Double Door Mosquito net System provides perfect solution for screening double doors, sliding door systems and other large openings of up to 6 Mtrs. wide with high frequency of use areas. This pleated retractable screen combines beauty and function to offer a flexible, reliable and innovative solution to screen oversized or large openings.

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Central Mosquito Net System

Central Mosquito net system is perfect insect screen for two shutter sliding Window/doors. This model features a very unique solution which allows access to the outdoors from both sides of the sliding window/door at the same time. Thus providing more flexibility in use of the window/doors and more accessibility to the outdoors.

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